Auto Lockout Service

Auto Lockout Service
auto lockout service auto lockout service

Did you lose your car keys? Maybe Locked your keys in your car? In your busy lives, it’s all too easy is easy to lose or forget our car keys somewhere. If this happens to you- don’t panic! Our emergency car lockout service can unlock your car door for you in no time!

Are you Locked out of your car? Maybe you are on you way to a family event or shopping . Either way getting locked out of your car is hassle you were not anticipating. Whether you lock your keys in the car or just plain lost them we can help you get back in your vehicle and back on the road.

Auto lockouts happen to the best of us and always at the worst of times, you are not alone.

We have the tools to retrieve your keys if you left them inside the car or trunk contact Quick Fix if you locked your keys in your car

Auto Lockout Tips

Most of us don’t carry a spare car key on us, so when their car keys get locked in, they come up with some “creative” ideas to unlock the vehicle & get them out and end up damaging their vehicle.

Using a hanger or another wire-like device can damage your weather stripping, letting outside elements damage the interior of your car

Some may tell you that it’s cheaper to break a window to resolve your auto lockout issue, but the replacement cost including the new window and installation labor isn’t as cheap as you may think

There are several different techniques to properly unlock a vehicle, and the professionals at Quick Fix Mobile Tire will use the one best suited to unlock your vehicle’s make and model


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